Client Testimonials

What Do They Have to Say?

The moment I met Jewel I knew I would be safe and comfortable. She always took her time with me and my many questions, and her years of experience reassured me I was in good hands. During my labor her calmness and reassurance helped me to handle it all, which I believe is why I had such a short one! I will always be grateful for the special care she gave to me and my family.

Debbie Hernandez

El Paso, TX

Thank you so much for all your input and wisdom throughout our pregnancy and birth.  We really appreciate your gentle yet strong and centered presence… was something for us to draw from when we really needed it. We are so in love and deeply happy with K. You’ve been a blessing from day 1.

Kyle S

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Jewel, for how amazingly supportive you were from the beginning. Out of all the searching I did for a midwife and came up empty, then it was like the universe placed you in our lives. We appreciate you standing by us in our decision of home birth. Having you made us feel like we were not alone with what others considered to be crazy. The home birth experience helped me to see just how strong I really am as a woman, a mother, and a partner. I learned a new definition and practice of having patience from knowing you. I respect deeply your ways of just standing by as I labored; being present in the situation, but allowing my body to do what it had to and allowing me to trust my body by doing what I felt I had to. You helped to bring a new light into our family and we will never forget your amazing work and dedication that brought Serenity May into our lives.

Jennifer Morrison

Casper, WY

Jewel – L and G are sleeping at the moment, so I want to use this lull in the action to say thank you for making last Friday as smooth and relaxed an event as we could have hoped for. Your unbroken presence was the key to L’s positive and relaxed state of mind, and her attitude, in turn, was the thing that ultimately came to guide and synchronize the situation and really harmonize every person in the room. The thing that always mattered most to me was that L feel safe and confident, not only in her environment but also in herself, and there is no question that you played a crucial role in achieving these objectives.

Robert R.

Dear Jewel, Thank you so much for all of your care and support during my pregnancy and labor.  It was so important for me to be able to experience child birth naturally, as it was intended to be.  You helped make that possible.  You provided me with the knowledge and support to achieve my dream.  It proved to be such a wonderful, spiritual, and enlightening experience.  I had no idea that having Z. naturally would be so wonderful. Of course there was pain, but remarkably I can even look back at the most painful moments with great joy.  Life giving pain is truly a wonderful thing.  Your support, both mentally and physically helped keep me focused and brought me back when I felt I was losing control.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did.

Danette W.

I gave birth to my son in April of 2006 with Jewel attending. I didn’t call them to come until I was in transition, and so there was a bit of a mad rush to the house! Jewel managed to swoop in and assess where I was at and get all the necessary tools out and ready without me hardly even noticing. The next thing I knew I was pushing him out and she quickly scooped him up (it was a water birth) and handed him to me! There was a seamless calm to the whole thing. I also can say how nice it was to have house visits from Jewel afterwards – and to not have to go anywhere while she checked and weighed my baby. Having a home birth with a midwife like Jewel attending was a wonderful way to welcome my son into the world.

Jerusha Foltz

San Diego, CA